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27 Mar 2017

Stem cells as the future of anti-aging

Currently, stem cell offers potential treatment to cancer, spinal cord injuries and diabetes among other serious disorders. Stem cell therapy involves new treatments and technologies that aim to replace damaged cells with healthy new ones.

Stem cells as the future of anti-aging

New studies from the University of Pennsylvania and Perelman School of Medicine show that mature stem cells that were gathered directly from human fats have the ability to be used as anti-aging treatments.

The research that was documented in the journal Stem cells revealed that stem cells from fats are firm than other cells and manufacture more proteins than originally thought. Due to this fact, stem fats from fats or adipose derived stem cells have the ability to multiply while maintaining their stability.Get More Info here Belly Fat Loss

During the process of the study, the researchers first developed a new strategy to analyze the systematic aging of stem cells. As opposed to cells that have manually produced many times or manipulated in the lab, routine aging shows that the natural life cycle of the cell. To study the cells in routine aging, the students developed a system to gather and store the stem cells without interfering with them.

The studies show that stem cells collected directly from human fats were more firm than from different tissues, including the ones formerly used in a variety of anti-ageing remedies. In addition, the studies showed that the adipose derived stem cells increase at a flat rate with age. Due to this fact, adipose derived stem cells maintain their stability at all ages, which pave the way to new therapies that treat and reduce the rate of aging-related disorders.

Currently, adipose-derived stem cells have not been approved by Drug and Food Management for direct utilization. The studies are not sufficient hence more research is required to fully understand the capability of adipose-derived stem cells in an anti-ageing remedy.

The body slowing down in its normal metabolism is due to the aging process which is inevitable. Due to aging Knees and ankle joints wear out; memory slows down, skin gets dry, and disorders in the digestive process increase. Stem cell therapy is a remedy towards most of these disorders. Stem cells help to repair human memory, replacement joints and clear the face.

Challenges identified by stem cells

A major problem that researchers continue to encounter is the identification of stem cells in adult tissues. These cells contain a variety of cells which are different and nature and an attempt to locate these cells are often difficult.

Immunological rejection is another barrier to successful stem cell transplant. Patients of the transplant have to take strong immunosuppressive drugs to reduce the chances of rejection.

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